The Big Day
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The Best Men

The best man
Ricky, and the laughing boys

Ricky Robertson

Ricky is Andy's younger brother, who has now been married to Suzy for 18 months. Andy was Ricky's best man, so Ricky is returning the compliment.

"Wow! What a wedding praise God... what a couple hallelujah!
Suzy and I had a really great time at your wedding... God was so massive in it... and he faithfully takes to completion everything he started.

I pray that His mighty hand will guide you together in his paths of joy. He has great plans for you both... It's great to be your brother Andy and great to have you as my new sister Jo... I'm still really excited :-)
Hope you both settle into you flat and that the peace of your father would make you feel really 'at home' there.
Bye for now, love Ricky."

The Groomsmen
Ricky, Jo & Andy, Chris, Nick and Rich

The best man and groomsmen also wore sunflowers to match rest of the wedding party.

Nick Broom

"A simple message for you both for the years to come that we may boast of one great hope and truth and Lord. That life as it is for us, is by his Word. I simply remind you of the truth that I've seen, it's in the Bible, Romans chapter 16 verse 19. It says something so simple yet often overlooked, it says, By wise about what is good.
Love, Nick"


Rich Adams

"Andy & Jo are two of the best things that have happened to me since returning to Totnes, and I am so overjoyed at their rolling together into one. They have never failed to support and encourage me and I greatly enjoy building our little part of our Father's Kingdom with them. Jesus, use Andy & Jo to show your love to all they meet, strengthen them as they learn how two people can be one, just as you are three in one. Praise you my Lord and friend."

Chris Kendall

Chris started the ball rolling by marrying his lovely Fiona last year, leading to a lot of speculation about the effect of living in numbers 3 and 4 Bridgetown. Chris is Andy & Jo's homegroup leader and a good friend to both.
"Thanks for asking me to be a groomsman. It was an honour. What is a groomsman anyway?"






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