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the early years

teens & twenties

coming together

final freedom


night before


new life---

one year on

New Life

Andy & Jo's New Life Together

During the service Nicholas Martin emphasised the fact that Andy & Jo are now a new person and that they will be starting a new life together.

They have bought a great little two bedroom flat next to the park in Totnes, with wonderful views over the town, and out towards Dartmoor. I think that decorating will be high on their priority list - unless they like the bright orange walls and turquoise woodwork!


The outside of the house...


...and inside


Val cleaning the grill pan...


The view accross the park


Jo has finished working at Cranks, Andy continues to work for Capita, and will have a week off on their return from honeymoon.


A Word From Jo's Mum


Joanna - Full of Grace

A blond baby to a beautiful bride,

From ballet classes to aerobics,

From dressing up to shopping at Gap,

From riding a bike to owning a car,

From going to playgroup to jetting the world,

This is a precious daughter, given away on a summer's day to her Andrew who'll love her forever.





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