Time Line
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the early years

teens & twenties---

coming together

final freedom


night before


new life

one year on

Teens & Twenties

The Geek

Andy was a bit of a nerd for much of his school life, nick-named Brains he hung out with the bright boys.

The Rebel

The Rebel
What more can I say?!


Andy studied Computer Science at Brunel University for 4 years and gained his BSc in 1996. He was quickly snapped up by Capita Education Services who he still works for.


Youth With A Mission (YWAM) played a large part in Jo's life, she worked as the cook at their Holmsted base for a couple of years and has been on a number of short term missions to China.

Jo went to Thailand for 3 months in the summer of '98 to be trained for a long term mission in China. But being apart for two and a half years was too much for Andy & Jo, Andy visited Jo in Thailand for a couple of weeks, and then Jo decided to come back to Totnes to be with him. Their wedding shows how right this decision was and that God's hand is directing their lives.





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