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Coming Together

How Did It All Happen?

Andy & Jo were in the same year at school, but never knew each other. They often wonder if they ever country danced together!!

Years later, they both worshipped at Totnes United Free Church, and were involved in the youth gathering, TQ9. During this time they started to spend more time together until they started going out just after Soul Survivor '97. The first thing that happened was Jo caught Andy's dots........... :)

Before they got to know each other better Jo asked me an interesting question in an e-mail:

Does Andy Robertson send you really annoyingly short E-mails, I just got one that said, HAPPY LUNCH TIME (!!!???)

Ah, some things never change! But Andy and Jo both sent out some more informative e-mails early this year:

Date: Mon, 8 Feb 1999 11:11:22 -0000

From Andy...
I did it... I asked Jo to marry me... and she made me very very happy by saying yes. We've just been getting used to it all... I feel very excited and very sure that this is right...
What more can I say?
Be in touch
Andy and Jo

From Jo...
On Saturday 6th Feb at 8.15pm Andy asked me to marry him...............and I said yes......!! He took me completely by surprise. He gave me a beautiful white gold, solitaire diamond ring that he chose himself. We think we'll get married sometime in the summer.
That's it!!
bye for now
Jo and Andy


Got a house
"We just bought a house!"


Just one week to go...



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